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Our Investment Process

What Happens When You Partner with Acacia

As trusted advisors, we partner with our clients to help them articulate and prioritize their goals. We work with each client to develop personalized strategies, supported by objective, comprehensive financial advice and wealth management services. At Acacia, our focus is our clients’ interests and needs.

Acacia Wealth Advisors Process

About Acacia Wealth Advisors

Acacia Wealth Advisors’ model is designed to support the needs and interests of sophisticated investors with access to some of the top-tier investment solutions and products, a robust technology platform, and a commitment to providing clients with trustworthy advice aligned with their goals and values.


Acacia Wealth Advisors leverages sophisticated technology and service platforms available through Hightower, as well as enterprise pricing leverage, to offer clients solutions and advice suited to their needs. We select solutions for our clients, based on need—not provider relationships—and we engage independent custodians for the safekeeping of our clients’ assets.

Fee-Only Advice

As an advisory practice, we do not accept fees from third-party service, product providers, or referral fees. We offer a transparent fee model, and honor our fiduciary responsibility—and we are paid by our clients only for the advice we provide.


Through Hightower, we gain access to a diversified research capability that includes institutional, street and other third-party research providers. This comprehensive view of the investment landscape helps us construct thoughtful, balanced client portfolios.


Effectively managing wealth requires technical knowledge of investments, taxation, risk management and other complex subjects. Our team is focused on developing and managing comprehensive financial strategies that help meet our clients’ individual needs and help them achieve their goals.

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